Our Processes

We succeed by making your brand succeed.

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We are a full-service online retailer focusing on the most important marketplace in the world, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. Our expert team specializes in optimizing your online presence while significantly increasing exposure to your brand and products to maximize revenue potential.


Distribution Control

We know the importance of maintaining your brand integrity. Unauthorized sellers and MAP breakers who sell your products at prices that tarnish your brand’s prestige are a common threat to brand owners. We help you regain control of your distribution channels to identify and eliminate gray market sellers.


Brand Presentation

Step 2 starts with optimization. To outperform your competition, you have to attract more customers and convert better. We provide keyword optimization and professional product photography to all of our partnered brands. This ensures your products are getting in front of more of the most relevant customers possible and that you're making the best first impression.


Aggressive Advertising

In the final step, your newly optimized product listing is now ready for advertising. We thoroughly develop and aggressively run pay-per-click advertising campaigns that increase traffic of the most relevant customers. The end result is a professional product listing that generates more revenue and increased marketshare over your competitors.

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